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God has a sense of humor…


I was going through my pictures and I came across a folder that was full of pictures I took while on a country excursion with my friend Nina. We had been in need of a desperate catch up on each others lives and what God was doing in our lives before we both headed off to college. So instead of doing the normal “coffee catch up setting…” we decided to grab our cameras and an ipod full of worship music, load up in my car, and head out to the roads of my childhood memories.

While sharing the testimonies of how God was working in our lives, my friend Nina decided to ask God for a field of wild flowers. I quickly jumped on board with this request. As we were asking God for our field of wild flowers and getting ourselves all stocked up for the moment we see our field of wild flowers… we come around a turn and are greeted with this image…Photo Credit: Nina Coyle

Immediately my friend Nina and I bust out in laughter and tell God how funny he is but how we are not letting him off the hook that easy and how we still wanted our field of wild flowers. After taking several pictures of the cows we loaded back up in my car and continued in our pursuit for the field of wild flowers God was going to give us…

We kept coming across fields with wild flowers but they were always only white flowers… when we came across these fields we just laughed and told God how we thought his sass was funny but we still were not satisfied we knew he had a field full of colorful flowers out there for us and we were not going to settle for anything less than his best blessing for us. After driving for a little while longer we came across a field of yellow and white flowers and we were thrilled and thanked God the whole time.

It gets better though… God decided to give us a special little treat the field was full of beautiful butterflies too.

We were ecstatic and could not stop smiling at how good God is and at his sense of humor.

As God reveals his love for you in different ways do not stop asking him for more love. He is so quick to give it and has an endless amount to give. Let him make you laugh, let him surprise you, let him be God. Trust me he is good at being God.




I just finished the painting. It was such a sweet time with God while painting it, I cannot wait to hang it up in my dorm room. God is such a big God. He is so worthy. He is so good. He is.

Worship Him, He deserves nothing less. Let Him purify your heart so there can be a wedding day. Let Him have a pure bride, the bride He deserves. There cannot just be a cleansing in the church, in you… There has to be a TRANSFORMATION. Satan will leave us alone for  a few days when we ask to be cleansed, but unless we asked to be transformed and truly changed, Satan will just come back 7 times harder 3 days later and we will fall back into the life we use to live… We have to let God take our impure hearts out of us and replace it with a a pure one that will not beat unless it is worshiping GOD.

God’s Love in form of family…


I spent the entire day with my family today and it was awesome. God spoke His love to me through them all day long today. I could not stop smiling and laughing at how much God has blessed me by placing me in this specific family… I think the thing I love most about my family is we were glorifying God through our weirdness. I have no doubt God was looking at us and just laughing at the ideas He was putting in our heads, and the things He was convincing us to do.

I wonder if God just wanted to laugh today and that is why my family was talking in Chinese accents saying phrases such as, Fry my fins and call me a catfish… and why we were sitting at TGI Fridays practicing our creeper faces with my dad making the comment, “We need to practice on someone who doesn’t know us. Let’s all look at that family and if they get up and leave then we have mastered creeper faces.”… and God just enjoyed watching us (me and my dad especially) goof off and laugh together in public places, such as, Hobby Lobby and Kroger.

God finds such joy in that. He has given us a quirks and He loves us through allowing us to bring them to the surface and show them. I cannot stop smiling at how much God blessed me today.  He just keeps blowing me away and revealing how much He really does love me.



I just finished having a lovely converstaion with Marisa, Latisha, and Cory in PCSU. While Misa and I were walking back and I just looked at Misa and said, “It is so beautiful Misa, God is teaching me all these ways to worship him. I am taking Ballet, so i am learnign to dance to him; I am learning how to sing a new song to him; I am growing in my knowledge of how to write in a captivating yet understandable way; I am probably taking Piano next semester, as well as Greek; I am having opertunity after opertunity to learn about discipleship, and how to affectively disciple; I am continuing to be humbled, and I am only being strengthened when it comes to having a heart that loves to listen to peoples stories and help them in whatever way God wants me to; I have no idea what He has planned for my life Misa… But I am so excited about it if I am being prepared and going to need to know how to worship God in all of these different ways…” And misa just laughed and said, “We are made to worship Him.” And that truth has not been able to leave me. God is so good being God and I am so glad that I am learning how to just let Him be God and just live in awe of Him. He is just so good. He seriously is so good.

First Love


So lately I have been so captivated by the cross and Jesus’ crucifixion. Seriously, everywhere I turn I am talking about it, hearing about it, learning something new about it… And I just told Jesus. “What the heck? I feel like I am a new Christian who just is amazed by the story.” and God just was like, “Casey, that is because you have your first love back.” And then he took me back to the field at my house I grew up in and where I fell in love with Him and He became my best friend. I was just laying there in the field and then His head was right next to mine and He just leaned over and whispered. “I love you.” into my ear. It was wonderful. I so enjoyed just laying there laughing and resting and letting him whisper in my ear like He use to do.

How did I believe and not see


So today I was sitting in the prayer room and I was asking God to show me some more of the things He had set me free from lately and he showed me something that I did not even know I had ever been trapped with let alone been set free of. God just reminded me of how I would go around looking at creation and asking God, “How do people see all this and not believe?” and God just told me He use to look down at me and say, “How do you believe and not see? How do you go through life believing in what I did for you and not see that your life is a blessing?”

God and school


Today has been a struggle and yet awesome at the same time. I have constantly had to be holding myself accountable in class. It is so easy for me to go off and daydream about all God is doing on our campus and thanking Him for that while in class rather than pay attention.

It is great that I am thinking about all He is doing and thanking Him for it… But, the classroom is not the appropriate place to do that at and I have really had to hold myself accountable to that. One of the many reasons God has placed me at Lee for this period of my life is to learn to grown in my knowledge and to let the older, wiser, and experienced generation pour into me. I need to honor and respect them by giving them my attention and giving them all I can give to the class. Part of me being able to worship God in every hour of  all my days is to do the best in my classes.I cannot live this lifestyle where when I am in “prayer meetings” I get lost in God and then live a life that is not glorifying to Him the rest of the time even though I may be thinking about Him when I am not doing what at that moment would be glorifying Him.