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Okay so I know it has been forever since I have blogged but I just stayed up with two girls who just wrote this song and it is incredible I storngly encourage you to read these lyrics:

I wait for you
I long for you
your spirit
is alive
Verse 1:
When I walk through of the valley
Of the shadow of death
When darkness surrounds me
And there is nothing left
If I know you are with me
Why am I so afraid
Of the wind and thunder
And the pouring rain
(but)I wait for you
I long for you
Your spirit
Is alive
Verse 2:
As I walk through the desert
I am learning to trust
In a God who is faithful
In the God who loves
I wait for you
I long for you
Your spirit
Is alive
In this desolate dry place
I will stand strong in you
Let me walk in your wisdom
Let me walk in you




God has been so good to me and I am in complete awe and thanks for all He has done to and through me. I am being so encouraged by testimonies left and right and seeing GOd answer my own prayers in the alone time with Him. His love is so strong as so oversatisfying. 

I am so unsatisfied with how little glory it feel like I am giving God though and how little my life is glorifying him. I want and yearn to glorify him so much that when people look at me they think Jesus and want to start shouting in thanks and praise and giving Him all the glory the world has to give because it is His.

I love how God is drawing people into the secret placxe with him on our campus and He is revealing Himself to individuals on our campus. I feel like Lee Univeristy has come so far from where we ended off last semester and we are trying to point all eyes to Jesus and our hearts yearn for ti be about God. But I am unsatisfied with how little I see him getting glorified on our campus. I yearn and am praying for the day to come where I walk across campus and all I think is glory be to God and I see Jesus in and on and covering every student of Lee University.

It is a big dream but that is what God loves. I am praying that we would just open the door to Jesus to come into Lee, Cleveland, TN, America, The world and we just fall on our faces and say Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come. Like in Revelation 4:8. I long to break free of this boredom and selfishness that has my generation and the generation under me especially trapped and entangled. I long to see the freedom that is necessary to have God’s name lifted high and glorified like deserved.

Tell God thanks


Write a thank you note to God. I dare you to do it. Seriously, be specific, do not just say things like God thanks for touching my life. Tell him the specifics of how He has touched your life. It will be such a good time with God. He will open your eyes to blessing you hadn’t even recognized had happened yet. It is so good.

Do you see Him?


So the past few days I have really been getting attacked. There has been something different about the attack this time. Usually when I get attacked I stop hearing, receiving, and/or acknowledging God. I usually feel too gross about the fact that I am being tempted or being attacked and I feel like that makes me gross in God’s eyes. This time however, God has been walking with me through it. I have not taken my eyes off him in this attack. I have constantly been wooed by his beauty and glory through this attack.  He has just held me and told me how he knows what it feels like to be attacked, he got attacked, and he is praying for me, He is holding me, He wants to be the one I fall back on for strength.

Guys do not let satan make your eyes turn from him.

There is a underlying strength when you look at God while you are being tempted or attacked. I have felt disappointed, sad, hurt, and several other emotions during this attack. However for the first time ever in a attack I have not felt weary, doubtful, depressed, abandoned and several other emotions I normally do feel. It has made all the difference. God is good guys. He is so so good.

God is bringing everything together


God is so good guys! HE has been bringing all of the revelations that He has been giving people and showing us how they fit together and it is astounding. I thought about attempting to write it out (and I will, but it won’t end up on the blog) There is so much intertwined and it is in how it is intertwined that is strengthened!

Ya I… Ya…

He is Good.

Universally Intimate?


While I was home I was walking our property on Friday with my nephew Will and we came across this tree COVERED in thorns (I have seen them before but I had forgotten about them). These thorns are HUGE around 5 inches long and extremely strong and sharp. I could throw them at another tree and they would stick into the tree like darts in a dart board.  I would not be surprised at all if these were very similar to the thorns that made up Christ’s crown. I walked away from that tree just smiling and in awe of God’s love for me. He revealed how much He loves me in that moment. He used the thorns on the tree to remind me of the greatest form of love. Him dying on the cross for me.

I am so blessed to be able to love Him back. It is so great. He loves me. He has his breath taken out of him when I look him in the eyes. I’m not the only one in love in this relationship. He loves me more than I love him. I am so blessed to have him as a lover.

He wants to be everyone’s lover. Even cooler though, as He is being lover to all that will let him, He does not lose ANY intamacy with each person. I do not understand. But I am so thankful so grateful. I love, I worship, I serve a God that is Universally Intimate.



Read the lyrics(listen to it by hitting play on the video below) and let God show you your own thing trough this song. Enjoy Guys.

I will seek you with my whole heart

In the center of the storm

And remember oh the promise of your love

You are near to the heavy hearted

And the broken you repair

Every moment even sleeping you are there, you are there


You have laid your hands upon me let your love surround me

You are emmanuel

I was hiding in the darkest night and then you found me

You are emmanuel

Emmanuel 2x

I have stumbled I’m always falling

And I’m humbled by my sin

But the moment that I confess them

You forgive, you forgive


Where can I go from your spirit from your presence

Come and take me home to your spirit to your presence

Never let me go