God has been so good to me and I am in complete awe and thanks for all He has done to and through me. I am being so encouraged by testimonies left and right and seeing GOd answer my own prayers in the alone time with Him. His love is so strong as so oversatisfying. 

I am so unsatisfied with how little glory it feel like I am giving God though and how little my life is glorifying him. I want and yearn to glorify him so much that when people look at me they think Jesus and want to start shouting in thanks and praise and giving Him all the glory the world has to give because it is His.

I love how God is drawing people into the secret placxe with him on our campus and He is revealing Himself to individuals on our campus. I feel like Lee Univeristy has come so far from where we ended off last semester and we are trying to point all eyes to Jesus and our hearts yearn for ti be about God. But I am unsatisfied with how little I see him getting glorified on our campus. I yearn and am praying for the day to come where I walk across campus and all I think is glory be to God and I see Jesus in and on and covering every student of Lee University.

It is a big dream but that is what God loves. I am praying that we would just open the door to Jesus to come into Lee, Cleveland, TN, America, The world and we just fall on our faces and say Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come. Like in Revelation 4:8. I long to break free of this boredom and selfishness that has my generation and the generation under me especially trapped and entangled. I long to see the freedom that is necessary to have God’s name lifted high and glorified like deserved.


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