Pure heart of Hannah


Tonight I went to a Tuesday night prayer meeting held at my school. We started praying for the different clubs and groups and meeting that had been started up all across campus. God laid Resedential Life Staff(aka. Res Life)  heavily on my heart and there was a group of several girls that were apart of Res Life at the meeting tonight. I went to them and prayed over them and I just started to weep silently as I prayed.  I was not sure what was going on. I am usually not a crier(although recently God has been changing that) as I walked away fromt the girls I started crying even heavier(I eventually left the room becasue I only continued to cry harder and harder and I knew if I didn’t leave soon I would be a distraction to those around me.) So as I sat out in the hallway I had such a burden in my heart that all I could do was weep and the more I wept the heavier it got. After a few minuets the crying let up although the burden did not. I went back into the room and grabbed my bible(tears starting to fall again) I went back into this weeping and just started asking God, “What the heck was going on?” He brought the story of Hannah(Samuel’s mother) to my mind and heart. He reminded me how she had been so burdened, her hearts desire was for a son. When she went to the temple and prayed she was moved to a place of prayer where even Eli, the priest, thought she was drunk(and didn’t recognize God’s stirring in Hannah’s pure heart. When she told Eli what was going he said to her, “Go in PEACE, and the God of Isreal grant your petition that you have made to him.” (I’ll come back to that verse in a second)

Res Life this year is in such an oppertunity to be Hannah’s with pure hearts that say, “God, we want to have your children, we want to be vessels that usher Lee University and Cleveland, where you have placed us in this time in life, into your arms and help open there eyes to your love as their father. We want to be vessels so when they get led to you and fall in love with you, becoming radically changed, we can say here are your children that you gave us to mother/father, we dedicate them to your full use like Hannah did with Samuel. 

Then back to 1Samuel 1:17 “Then Eli answered, “Go in peace, and the God of Isreal grant your petition that you have made to him.” was a encouraging word for my heart that I could walk out of the prayer meeting with this joy, peace, and excitement in my night becasue God would grant my petition. That is exactly what I did too. I have such a peace about this year and such an excitement to see God’s children coming and claiming their royalty(in other words being saved, having a harvest) and then us just being able to praise God and thank Him unlimitedly while saying,”This has been your work all along so here are your kids do with them as you please.”


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