Washed White as Snow


Sometimes I just can’t help but laugh at what some of my greatest stumbling blocks have been and are in my life.

Isaiah 1:18 says, “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.”

For most people this verse is refreshing and brings much freedom and relief when read, and I had thought it had done the same for me in my life… Until one recent day when I realized I had made this verse one of my greatest stumbling blocks placed on the narrow road(Mt. 7:14) I was trying to walk on.

I constantly associated this verse with both the word and concept of perfect or perfection, and in doing so I made a large, white, “pretty”, “perfect” block and set it down in front of me and said, “That, that block is perfection and if I can simply be white, spotless, and ‘perfect’ like that block then I’m good.”

The problem came because it was a “white block” that was my image of perfection. Soooo if any color appeared in my life I would try to remove it so that I could be white… like the block… which stood for perfection… I mean after all Christ was perfect and we are to be like Christ right?

But here is where God came and broke through my misunderstanding…

I was reading Philippians and only made it to the 6th verse which says, “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” and depending on the version you read it may say, “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will PERFECT it at the day of Jesus Christ.”

And so clearly the Lord spoke and said, “Casey, I am perfect, hevaen is perfect, yet I am not white… heaven is not white… so why do you think you need to stay white? The washing of your sins white as snow is simply the begining of the good work I started and I am going to complete at the day of Jesus Christ. I washed you white so that I can put color onto you. When I washed your sins white it was so I could have a blank canvas to paint the glorious image of my son onto. I couldn’t do that with your canvas before I had made it white, it was  ready to be disposed of… completely covered in blemishes and gunk. Just like you were never meant to stay at the cross but to let that be the invitation to a close and real relationship with me… you were never meant to stay a blank canvas. I am way to creative for that. Your canvas was meant to portray the image of my glorious son and so will you start letting me paint that onto you so that it can be perfect/completed at the day of Jesus Christ?”

So with a little help from God I took a sledge hammer to that white bock and moved right on past that mountain(made out of a white block) and I am now enjoying this journey where I am DAILY becoming more like Jesus and I will continue to DAILY become more like him until I die and the day comes when he recieves the full reward and glory of his suffering.

If I can give one sum up piece of advise from this lesson I have learned… it is learn to be okay with a incomplete work of the image of Christ on your life until the day of Jesus Christ when it will be completed. However DO NOT be okay with no work being done on the incomplete image. Hunger for Jesus. Always long for more of Jesus. Jesus is the point of our life and if there is a day that goes by without Jesus… then we might as well not remember that day and forget we even lived it. Remembering it is a waste of our memory because that day will not last through the fire of testing, and we should let our memory gaze upon and take in Jesus rather than that day. Jesus already has and will continue to stand the fire of testing.

JESUS  that is what our lives should testify.


A Jonathan Paul way of thinking


The past couple of days the Lord has been teaching me such a fun lesson. He has been using a mixture of sermons, books, and pure unfiltered revelation from him to teach me. There is a quote by Bill Johnson where he says, “Many believers philosophy is– I have a red light until God gives me a green one. And the green light never comes.”

Through two brothers in Christ, the Lord has shown me that such a lifestyle was not the way many lived before and during Christ’s life and death. Yet, it seems to have become the life of us who are living far after Christ’s death and ressurection. [And quick disclaimer to give credit where credit is due, most of this has been sparked and/or paraphrased from revelation God gave Bill Johnson.]

The first brother in Christ who taught me there is a different way to live life, was Jonathan, Sauls son. If you go to 1 Samuel 14:1-23 you have a really incredible story of Jonathan getting an idea, and going with it, then God deciding to back him up. So lets embark on this story together so you can see what I am reffering to.

One day Jonathan looks at the kid who carried his armor and says, “Lets go see what the Philistines are up to.” But Jonathan was “wise” enought to know he shouldn’t go tell his dad where he was going or that he was even going anywhere. So off Jonathan and his little-armor-bearer-buddy go. Now as they are climbing through this pass towards where the Philistines are camped out at, Jonathan gets another idea. Jonathan says to his armor bearer, “lets actually go into where the philistines are camped out, there is a CHANCE the Lord might deliver them into our hands! I know that no number can hinder the Lord from keeping us safe! (Side Note: 1 Samuel 14:6 says, “Jonathan said to the young man who carried his armor, ‘come let us go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised. It may be that the Lord will work for us, for nothing can hinder the Lord from saving by many or by few.'” Now, I don’t know for sure, because the bible doesn’t say… BUT, I find it interesting that Jonathan says it may be that the Lord will work for us… then goes on to basically say I have no doubt he can do it… I just do not know if he will. That, to me, makes it seem like Jonathan isn’t headed to the Philistine camp because the Lord spoke to him and said, “Jonathan, I want you to go defeat the Philistines, I will give you victory and protection.” But it makes it seem like Jonathan had this idea, saw the potetial it had to glorify God, and out of the fact he KNEW God and what GOD was capable of, he knew that it was somethign totally in Gods power to do. Okay back to the story.) So Jonathan just asked his armor bearer to come with him into the Philistines camp. And the armor bearer looks at Jonathan and says, “You really wanna? Well hey why not it sounds fun, I am all for doing whatever crazy thing comes to you. I’m not turning back!” (Side note: So to make sure your tracking with me… We have 2 men, ONE is a soldier, the other is a armor bearer… The armor bearer is probably like the waterboy of the football team, He can’t play football and he can’t make the football team to save his life, and yet he so desperately longs to be a part of the excitement, he will become the water boy…. or in this case the armor bearer. And they are about to go into the Philistine camp…in hopes to go into battle.) okay back to the story…  Jonathan looks at his armorbearer and says, “Okay, so this is our battle plan… We are going to go out in the open and wait for the Philistines to spot us. Then if they say something along of the lines, ‘wait until we come to you.’ that is what we will do…. we will wait… BUT if they say, ‘Hey come here…’ or something along those lines… then we can KNOW that God has given them into our hands!” and Jonathan’s armor bearer says, “sure.”. (Side note: So let me point out the fact that Jonathan is on this mission that was more than likely congured up in his own mind… not by some divine encounter with the voice of the Lord instructing him… and then the Lord doesn’t say to Jonathan if the Philistines say come up here… then you can be sure I’m with you… JONATHAN says hmmm I think if they say this… God is gonna be with us… and so Jonathan creates the sign and then he also creates interpretation, and the sign Jonathan thinks up, is for that situation, a likely action to happen… I dont know about you but I’m sitting here thinking okay… either I’ve got the wrong mindset of a sign or Jonathan does… because when I think of sign… I think of something that confirms what I am wanting to do that WOULDNT normally happen… Okay back to the story.) So Jonathan and his armor bearer go stand in the wide open feild and wait for the Philistines to see them. And then the Philistines see them and call to them, “HEY! Come on up here! We have something we want to show you!” And when Jonathan hears this he looks at his armor bearer and says, “Welp, didn’t I say that sign meant God has given them into Isreal’s hand… SO what are we waiting for? Follow me as we climb up this mountain that is so steep we have to climb on our hands and knees and lets kill us some philistines…” and so they climb and they climb and they climb and when they get to the top God caused the Philistine army to fall before Jonathan and not be able to get up and then the first strike Jonathan and his armor bearer made killed 20 men… 20 men with one strike… then the rest of the Philistine go into a panic… the earth quakes… and this news travels all the way back to Saul who is hiding out in a cave.

Okay we are gong to leave that story… and I am going to point out some facts about Paul that until I read them in a book Bill Johnson wrote I had never made the connection between. In fact I’m just going to give you the clip from the book.

          ” The apostle Paul lived in the “green light district” of the Gospel. He didn’t need signs in the heavens to convince him to obey the Scriptures. When Jesus said, “Go!” that was enough. But he still needed the Holy Spirit to show him what was at the forefront of the Father’s mind. He had a burden for Asia, and tried to go there and preach. The Holy Spirit stopped him, which also means he did not lead him. He then tried to go to Bithynia, but agian, the Holy spirit said no.  He then had a dream of a man pleading with him to come to Macedonia. So he went to Macedonia to preach the Gospel. This is a wonderful story of God’s leading(see Acts 16:6-10)”

I love the testimonies Jonathan and Paul’s lives give in these two places because it shows us what can happen when we remember God created us and as long as we are submitted to Him in all we do, whether it  is originally inspired by God’s voice or a thought that popped into our heads.  One of two things will happen God will decided to back us up, like He did Jonathan, and display his glory and faithfulness, yet again, to an entire people group. Or else He will speak to the tender place of our hearts and use the Holy Spirit to tell us no, as he did with Paul.

God calls us to be chlidlike and along with childlikeness comes misunderstandings as we learn definitions of words and actions. Another thing childlikeness brings along is creativeness and adventureness, as chlidren we need to allow ourselves to dream innocent dreams of greatness and impossible ways to bring glory to our God. 

So I want to challenege you, if you dont have a specific thing the Lord has spoken to you to do with your life right now. Be creative, dream up something HUGE,  that you can only do if God shows up, in order to bring glory to Him. Then go for it! See if he tells you no, or backs you up. And if he backs you up, have fun glorifying God just as Jonathan did. If he tells you no, go back to the drawing board, dream again, just as Paul did.



Okay so I know it has been forever since I have blogged but I just stayed up with two girls who just wrote this song and it is incredible I storngly encourage you to read these lyrics:

I wait for you
I long for you
your spirit
is alive
Verse 1:
When I walk through of the valley
Of the shadow of death
When darkness surrounds me
And there is nothing left
If I know you are with me
Why am I so afraid
Of the wind and thunder
And the pouring rain
(but)I wait for you
I long for you
Your spirit
Is alive
Verse 2:
As I walk through the desert
I am learning to trust
In a God who is faithful
In the God who loves
I wait for you
I long for you
Your spirit
Is alive
In this desolate dry place
I will stand strong in you
Let me walk in your wisdom
Let me walk in you

Freedom During The Prayer Room 09-22-2010 3:00-4:00pm


Today while I was doing my prayer shift in the prayer room God set me free from being insecure around His love. I can now see how I had been trusting in myself not in God. Which is so foolish because I am the human, the one who is sinful by nature and needs God to overcome it, why on earth I would trust in myself over him confuses me. Confusing or not though the fact, the truth, is I have been. I have been living life with this selfish mentality of, “Okay God once I see you show up I’ll come bring my sacrafice(my life, my heart) to wherever your fire is. You just show up and I’ll come running.” When I need to be saying, “Okay God here is my life, my sacrafice, I’m trusting you to show up, come bring the fire.” I have been so foolish in telling God I want his fire to be constantly ready for me… I should want to be constantly ready for God’s fire not God’s fire constantly ready for me.

The fact is when I am constantly ready for God’s fire, I am going to be consatntly in this process of purification and made into the spotless bride of Christ.  When I am constantly ready for God’s fire I will constantly be intimate with God. He is yearning for every moment that we give him to come. He is yearning to take every chance we give him to make us more like his son. He longs for us to have such a true love and trust in Him that we will wait with our sacrafice and trust He is moving even when we can not tangible see or feel it.

But the reality for most of us is we are too scared to trust in God’s character, the God the Bible describes and tells about, to live life like that. We sit and wait to see God move and then bring our sacrafice to Him. We say okay well now that you have shown up I’m going to open up and let you pour into me. The danger with this mindset is we are not going to see the move of God in the places Satan has spiritually b[L]inded us, the areas we need God most.

I want to have such a confidence in God’s character that I really trust Him. Meaning, I trust Him to see the intention of my heart and to make it clear and convicting when I am not living life as I should; I trust Him to be working and changing me even when I feel nothing, not struggle, not growth, not excitement, I “feel” stagnant. Meaning, I trust Him and know that as much as I do not want myself to be stagnant, HE does not want me stagnant and will not let me remain stagnant. Meanign, I trust Him when He says He wants to see us be more like His son therefore if I feel stagnant and I have told Him to come correct whatever I am doing wrong in my prayer life and I get no new direction from Him, I keep pressing in, I keep doing the last thing He directed me to do knowing that He must be planting seeds and sowing in me and He is not allowing me to see the fruit. Meaning, I trust Him to be taking me through the fire and peeling the b[L]ind[ER]s off my heart and giving Him the time and patcience He asks for.

He loves us so much when we say, “God here I am. Come.” He is going to be way more faithful to us than we are to Him when He tells us, “Here I am. Come.” We will have so many more encounters with Him when we allow him to be the encounterer(the one who shows up) not the one encountered(the one who is waiting for someone to show up) I want to be the encountered not the encounterer.



We are doing a 21 day corporate fast at my school(Lee University) and as I was seeking God on whetherI was suppose to participate and if so what I was suppose to fast, He gave me a crazy thing to give up. Touch was what I was suppose to fast, yes, all touch(that I can control). When I am completely honest I really struggled with coming to a place where I coul say yes to fasting touch and being obedient to God for a couple reasons. The first reason being, touch is one of my biggest love languages, the idea and thought of going 3 weeks with out letting people touch me and with out touching people almost made me cry. The second reason was, I do not like when people know I am fasting. Fasting for me is something between me and God, other people do not need to know to benifit from my fast and more thank likely would not benifit by knowing about it. When I think of things to fast I think of things people can not notice me fasting. Touch is not just something people would notice but I would have to tell people(so both the observant and unobservant will know.) I do/did not want this fast to be about me in any way and I really struggled with the fact I would have to tell people I was fasting. Especially since it was such a unique fast, touch, who has ever heard of that… I knew people would give reactions to that and I did not want reactions. 

I decided I would not do touch, and went back to praying for discrenment on what I was suppose to fast. Every idea I came up with did not work or make sense it was like it was lacking something, and it was, it was lacking God. I kept feeling this tug towards touch and finally God was able to woo me into the idea of not doing touch by telling me His reasons(Or at least some of I’m sure he has more reasons that I cannot even comprehend) for why He wanted me to fast touch.

He wants me to get back to a desperation where I have to have Him to be loved. He has to become my first and strongest love language. This fast is making me rely on him to be my strength to get through the day with joy(Psalm 28:7) He is all I have to touch me and I have no choice but to rely on Him. He also wants me to get my focus back on Him when it comes to my mind(heart)set while I love people. He wants me to be fully aware that everytime  I touch someone everytime  I make someone feel loved ITS NOT ME. It is Him and it is His love through me, I’m simply a tool that should count it  ablessing he chose to use me to love them through. He yearns for me to go back to the heart where I do not want to claim it as mine but rather when I love someone I am thinking and praying yes God more of your love on them, touch them because only you can bring the change, love, and satisfaction needed. To steal words from my friend Steven, He wants me to be spending my whole life for a legacy, not my own legacy, God’s legacy.

That made it make more sense for why I needed to fast touch but I was still uneasy about the fact people had to know. And I felt like God told me this is not going to be a fast that is between you and me. People are going to benefit by know ing and being aware of your fast. This fast is suppose to teach people, this fast is going to bring clarity about what fasting is to several people. He told me this fast is going to bring me alot of knowledge on God’s heart towards fasting and the importance of it and why we do it in a way no one has ever really talked about it before. So if you continue to read this I want to say right now everything I have said and do say, TAKE IT TO GOD, I can not over emphasize that point! Go and ask him what he thinks of it, do not take what I am saying as scripture or straight from God. I want you to go back to God and wrestle through it with him. I would love to have people tell me that they felt God saying something completely different when they prayed about it. That fact alone means this blog brought someone to the secret place with God which means it is not a waste.  The words that I say are an inventation from God and starting place for you to work through what fasting is for you and him personally.

Lesson #1 That I Learned about fasting:

-Be disciplined in fasting but do not be legalistic.
           As I start this fast God has said that I can lay my hand on someone when I pray for them and someone can lay thier hand on me when they pray for me. God has also said, People will no be able to lay thier hands on me the entire time (I will still lay hands on people though.) I was asking God what the point for that was and why it was not going to be just one way the entire time. I thought that by me changing the fast it meant I was “breaking” the fast. He said very cleary, “Becasue I said so.” A veil got lifted off my eyes right then. We are to obey God. The best way to be disciplined in your fast is by obeying God and doing what the spirit leads you to do. Do not worry about human thoughts that people are thinking. If they are thinking you cannot make up your mind, or you “broke” your fast and therefore have no discipline(that can go into a side lesson on trust but I’m not going there right now, maybe later on.)  It is not about what people think and the second you do not do what you discern the spirit is telling you to do out of fear of what people may think you have lost the point and heart of God toward fasting. You have allowed legalism to come into your fast and limit the move and work of God.



God has been so good to me and I am in complete awe and thanks for all He has done to and through me. I am being so encouraged by testimonies left and right and seeing GOd answer my own prayers in the alone time with Him. His love is so strong as so oversatisfying. 

I am so unsatisfied with how little glory it feel like I am giving God though and how little my life is glorifying him. I want and yearn to glorify him so much that when people look at me they think Jesus and want to start shouting in thanks and praise and giving Him all the glory the world has to give because it is His.

I love how God is drawing people into the secret placxe with him on our campus and He is revealing Himself to individuals on our campus. I feel like Lee Univeristy has come so far from where we ended off last semester and we are trying to point all eyes to Jesus and our hearts yearn for ti be about God. But I am unsatisfied with how little I see him getting glorified on our campus. I yearn and am praying for the day to come where I walk across campus and all I think is glory be to God and I see Jesus in and on and covering every student of Lee University.

It is a big dream but that is what God loves. I am praying that we would just open the door to Jesus to come into Lee, Cleveland, TN, America, The world and we just fall on our faces and say Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come. Like in Revelation 4:8. I long to break free of this boredom and selfishness that has my generation and the generation under me especially trapped and entangled. I long to see the freedom that is necessary to have God’s name lifted high and glorified like deserved.

Pure heart of Hannah


Tonight I went to a Tuesday night prayer meeting held at my school. We started praying for the different clubs and groups and meeting that had been started up all across campus. God laid Resedential Life Staff(aka. Res Life)  heavily on my heart and there was a group of several girls that were apart of Res Life at the meeting tonight. I went to them and prayed over them and I just started to weep silently as I prayed.  I was not sure what was going on. I am usually not a crier(although recently God has been changing that) as I walked away fromt the girls I started crying even heavier(I eventually left the room becasue I only continued to cry harder and harder and I knew if I didn’t leave soon I would be a distraction to those around me.) So as I sat out in the hallway I had such a burden in my heart that all I could do was weep and the more I wept the heavier it got. After a few minuets the crying let up although the burden did not. I went back into the room and grabbed my bible(tears starting to fall again) I went back into this weeping and just started asking God, “What the heck was going on?” He brought the story of Hannah(Samuel’s mother) to my mind and heart. He reminded me how she had been so burdened, her hearts desire was for a son. When she went to the temple and prayed she was moved to a place of prayer where even Eli, the priest, thought she was drunk(and didn’t recognize God’s stirring in Hannah’s pure heart. When she told Eli what was going he said to her, “Go in PEACE, and the God of Isreal grant your petition that you have made to him.” (I’ll come back to that verse in a second)

Res Life this year is in such an oppertunity to be Hannah’s with pure hearts that say, “God, we want to have your children, we want to be vessels that usher Lee University and Cleveland, where you have placed us in this time in life, into your arms and help open there eyes to your love as their father. We want to be vessels so when they get led to you and fall in love with you, becoming radically changed, we can say here are your children that you gave us to mother/father, we dedicate them to your full use like Hannah did with Samuel. 

Then back to 1Samuel 1:17 “Then Eli answered, “Go in peace, and the God of Isreal grant your petition that you have made to him.” was a encouraging word for my heart that I could walk out of the prayer meeting with this joy, peace, and excitement in my night becasue God would grant my petition. That is exactly what I did too. I have such a peace about this year and such an excitement to see God’s children coming and claiming their royalty(in other words being saved, having a harvest) and then us just being able to praise God and thank Him unlimitedly while saying,”This has been your work all along so here are your kids do with them as you please.”